Top Ten Tuesday: BookWorm Bookish Delights

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog feature created by the girls at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday post is dedicated to Bookworm Delights. This was such a hard list to write because I have so many delightful bookish things I could have picked from that make me happy and all fuzzy inside. I trimmed my list down and made my final selection with much thought to come up with my ultimate Top 10 Bookworm Delights…


1- The Smell of Books: Yes, I am a total #booksniffer. There is nothing like stepping into a bookstore or the library and taking a big whiff to absorb all those delicious scents of wonder and adventure seeping out from the books. Be them old or new there is something completely comforting about the way a book smells (this also applies to the feel of a book in my hands and the way the pages feels against my fingers). I have literally grabbed books off shelves and sniffed them, hugged them and if I knew for sure I was buying them even kissed them.

rory booksniff


2- Meeting Favorite Authors: This is probably one of my favorite bookish things to do. I really enjoy going to author events and meeting with the authors I enjoy. I have been blessed to have been able to meet quite a few of my favorite authors in the last 8 years. Some were at events, some were at BEA and one lucky outing with my friend Matt was to a garden party at Neil Gaiman’s home (when he lived in Cambridge with his wife Amanda Palmer). <—-That was one of my happiest fangirl moments…::swoon::



3- Rare Books/1st Editions/Signed Books and Used Books: Going on book hunting expeditions for books is one of my favorite activities to do on a weekend. I have become quite passionate about seeking out signed or 1st editions (or both) or just really rare editions of my favorite books. I also love just finding random old books that sound interesting to me. I love the thrill of the hunt, chasing down old bookstores and scouring the internet for potential auctions and sellers. What’s even better is finding a rare book when you were least expecting it (and being able to afford it)…that truly makes a day go from good to MAGICAL.

it's magical


4- Meeting other bookish people who read and like the same books and authors as I do: This makes me so giddy with joy and excitement. I love it when I find other fans that I can totally geek out with about a book, or author. This happens often when meeting other fellow bloggers, or Potterheads…but it’s really fantastic when I meet someone that loves the same obscure or less “popular” book I love or that I meet outside of a bookish setting.

just met love


5- Underrated Books: I LOVE when I discover a book that I have never heard much of anything about and it turns out to be one of the best things I have ever read. I love the feeling that in that moment it feels like it was written just for me and it’s all mine. Of course eventually, I will go and tell all my friends about how marvelous it is and that they should all read it ASAP so I have others to swoon over it with.

bello love books


6- Dust jacket, Pages & Hardcover Art: I love a beautifully designed book, from the dust jacket to the cover, to the gilded, deckled or colored edged pages. I love books that have one design on the dust jacket and then a totally different design on the hardcover (when you remove the jacket). I love books that are bound nicely and have gilding on them too. I just love pretty books….

Rapunzle books


7- Authors who read their own books: I love it when an author reads his/hers own book. I just really enjoy hearing how the characters “sound” like to the author. How their personalities come forward depending on how the author “reads them”. Neil Gaiman (yes…I’m a bit obsessed) does this wonderfully, he has the best voice and accent and I just LOVE the way he reads (I own all my favorite books by him in audio format too).

alice listening


8- Getting that “new favorite book” feeling: Sometimes you open a book and read the first sentence or paragraph and you already “just know” it is going to be something special. It is instant love and there is really no better way to explain it besides it’s MAGICAL.

Best book ever


9- Reading in Bed, or on a really comfy chair when it’s rainy out: Is there anything really better than spending a day just relaxing, enjoying a good book, being cuddly and warm and drinking something yummy? I guess maybe reading while sitting on your porch on a sunny day or while laying in your hammock while drinking a mojito or some other cold beverage comes close too.

reading in bed


10- Bookish inspired items: I love finding items that are inspired by books the books (especially my favorite books). Be them notebooks, mugs, pencil cases, candles, totes art prints etc…I love them all. Etsy is a great place to search for fabulous handmade items, and Society 6 offers so many beautiful illustrations that can be turned into prints, totes, phone cases etc. Here are some of my favorite shops: krukrustudio , KleverCase, MyMiniMunchies, OxfordBright, TheMeltingLibrary, NorthAveCandles, Fable&Black (and so many more…).


I would love to know what some of your favorite bookish delights are.

Do we share similar bookworm bookish joys?

Leave me your comments and links below and let’s chat.



8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: BookWorm Bookish Delights”

  1. So funny how we think a like and we use similar GIFs to explain our bookworm delights! I love your list and agree with you on many things posted such as the smell of books, the aesthetics of books, collecting special editions and meeting authors.

  2. Oh, the love for hardcovers, or just covers in general is REAL. I’m a huge book cover judge, at least when physical books are concerned. Lately, the covers have gotten more beautiful than ever. The plain half of a girl face, girl + boy almost kissing, or the eye of a girl tropes are getting left behind, to be replaced some really gorgeous art.

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Thanks for stopping over (I will make sure to visit your blog shortly). YES! I adore a well designed Hardcover, especially with bold bright colors, or when they are embossed or gilded. It’s really great how artistic the covers have gotten lately, and even the paperbacks have some really pretty artwork too.

    1. Hi Carrie,

      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you approve of the gif…I think that is really what I probably look like when I meet people that like the same books as I do. It’s so hard not to love the person on sight. 🙂 I am going over to your blog now….

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