Pottermas: Harry Potter Funko Pop Photoshoot!!!

This past weekend Nicole (Nicole’s Novel Reads), Elizabeth (BookYAbber) and I celebrated our “Friendmas”. It was also a day full of crafting to help Elizabeth get a few things finished for her Harry Potter themed baby shower. Since we were working on finishing up potion bottles for the centerpieces, we decided to also do a Harry Potter Funko Pop photo shoot for this Pottermas post. 

Too much sun….back to the dungeon we go!! (photo credit: Nicole)


We each also knew that the collection would be growing as we all got each other some new Pops from the latest new wave. If you are new to Pottermas 2016, you can check out my introduction here. Also be sure to follow along with us by using the hashtag #Pottermas16 and also #PottermasPops.

Cutest Nibbler EVER!

I arrived at Elizabeth’s just a few minutes before Nicole did. Once we settled in for the day we decided to start with our gift exchange. Nicole received A Nibbler (SO CUTE) from Elizabeth and Yule Ball Ron and Hermione from myself. Elizabeth received the Weasley twins from Nicole and I. They are ADORABLE, and just look super mischievous. As for myself, Nicole gifted me Bellatrix Lestrange and Elizabeth gifted me Draco Malfoy. Between all the new Pops gifted and the ones we each brought for the shoot, we had quite the collection.

Being a child at heart, I could not help but be extra silly with all the Pops….especially my Voldy and Bellatrix. At one point I made a fun little video of my favorite little death eaters and the dementor looming over the other Pops. You can see it here on Instagram. Nicole and Elizabeth had to try ever so hard not to burst out laughing at my random singing and weirdness. 

My Favorite Little Death Eaters and Dementor….

We did not plan too many scenes for the day, as we had lots of crafting to accomplish. However, we did manage to get a few shots of Snape’s Potion class along with the potion bottles we created to use during Elizabeth’s shower.

Snape’s Potion class….and yes…that’s our background of Hogwarts Castle.

Later on, once all the crafting was done and it was time to get ready to go home we took a big group shot of all the Pops together. Nicole and I still have a few at home that were not present. Overall, we had a really fun day filled with laughter, Harry Potter mischief and best of all, awesome friends.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and be sure to check back because the new year will definitely be filled with more adventures and Harry Potter Funko Pops photoshoots.


The Marauders: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Book Release/Midnight Party


Welcome to The Marauders a monthly feature hosted by three bookish friends: Scales aka Elizabeth from BookYABBER, Pooka aka Marci at The Plot Bunny and Embers aka Nicole from Nicole’s Novel Reads. We seek to share with you, our unique outings, bookish exploits,  and favorite haunts. Together we aspire to always live by our motto:  “Mischief Managed”.

Welcome to a very special Marauders, done in celebration of the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Nicole, Elizabeth and I have been looking forward to the release of this script for many months now. Elizabeth actually never had the opportunity to participate in the infamous “midnight party” book releases and Nicole and I were eager to share in this right of passage that should be experienced at least once by all Potterheads. 

IMG_9076 (1)

We eagerly waited for details on all the Harry Potter midnight parties bookstores were planning all over our area and once we discussing the pros and cons of each, we opted to attend at one of our favorite independent bookstores The Harvard Bookstore in Harvard Sq. Cambridge, MA. It helped that they were not only going to be doing various activities that night but also that they offered a 20% discount for customers who pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Cursed Child online. We placed our orders asap and then we waited…and waited and waited…and finally July 30th, 2016 arrived!


We opted to have dinner as close to the bookstore as possible because we wanted to make sure we could start forming a line as soon as they would let us. We decided to stop by John Harvard’s pub for some cool libations and yummy dinner. As we were getting ready to meet up, our friend Rachel told us she was going to be hanging around with her friend Anna and we all ended up meeting at the restaurant to have dinner together, which was nice because it is always a pleasure to catch up with Rachel, and we got to make a new friend too.

I have to say the cocktail Nicole and I both had “Lady Grey” was really delicious. It was made with Hendrick’s gin, earl grey syrup, and lemon juice. I asked them to add a little bit of St. Germain Elderflower liqueur and it was divine! I ordered something called Calabash, which was cornmeal battered shrimp and scallops with fries. It was pretty good, but they definitely skimped on the actual seafood and made more the dinner fries (so yeah…not trying that again). Nicole and Anna got the same dish which was Butternut squash ravioli and Nicole said it was delicious. Rachel got the halibut and Elizabeth got what looked like really creamy mac&cheese (it was a really big portion too). It was nice to hang out, but Rachel and Anna had to head over to another bookstore so we finished up said our goodbyes and parted ways.


Walking through Harvard Sq. felt a bit different from 7 years ago at the release of Deathly Hollows. 7 years ago I was dressed in a Bellatrix cosplay and there was a lot more people dressed up. Wizards and witches were all around and they definitely outnumbered all the muggles. There were various activities happening in Harvard Sq. then too, which included a concert (Harry and the Potters and Draco & the Malfoys). The streets in the center eventually had to be closed down due to all the people. This time around there it was definitely quieter. There were some people dressed up, definitely lots of kids with their parents and they were all mostly in costume or at least house colors. We didn’t dress up, but I wore my Slytherin shirt, and Elizabeth had her Slytherin scarf and bow. Nicole wore her HP alliance t-shirt which was blue (she’s a Ravenclaw) so we were representing, just in a more toned down manner.


After we left the restaurant we went straight over to The Harvard bookstore, and amazingly at 8:30pm there wasn’t even a line formed yet so we got to be first! It was EARLY! Check-in was not going to start until 10pm, but we did not want to lose our place. So we decided we were going to wait it out. Soon more and more people started to line up behind us and soon the line was already a few blocks down the street. We decided that we needed Butterbeer to make this waiting around more tolerable, so Elizabeth and Nicole went off to Starbucks for Butterbeer frappuccinos and I held our prized spot.


Holy Moly! Those Butterbeer frappuccinos were so yummy, a bit sweet but still very good. Nicole had them put Bellatrix on my cup…::squueeee::

Besides the Harvard Bookstore, a few other places were doing special events. There was a showing of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, a magic show, and many of the bars and restaurants in the area were doing themed drinks and menus. I loved that the In and Out News stand in Harvard Square actually had Hogwarts Square tapped over where it usually says Harvard Square. The air was filled with anticipation, and thankfully the weather wasn’t blazing hot, or muggy. When 10pm came around, the staffers at the bookstore finally started to set up the check-in table and we got our “golden ticket” with the position number of where we would be getting back in line at around 11:30pm. We got 3, 4 and 5 because they reserved 2 for a staffer/news person and 1 was given to a lucky little boy that won the contest they were hosting. Also, the first 50 people in line got to stay in the bookstore and party, which everyone else had to wait outside in line.

Opps…forgot to get a picture of Gryffindor!

Once we got our tickets we took a stroll inside the store and were greeted with aisles and aisle of books, and lovely the Harry Potter musical score playing. Each of the houses were divided between two floors. The first floor housed Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, and the basement housed Slytherin (how appropriate) and Hufflepuff. Each house had drinks and treats for when you arrived to hang out and were decorated with the banners and house colors. The store had a Harry Potter book trivia game sheet for us to fill out and enter to win Harry Potter themed prizes and a “Count the Snitches” scavenger hunt (they were hidden all over the store) too.


We did all our activities and decided to make a bathroom run at Starbucks (this bookstore does not have bathrooms) before the 11:30pm line up started. We arrived back at the bookstore around 11:15pm and they were about to start some type of improv theater thing (which was actually pretty awful…sorry…but it was). It also was running late and there were far too many people in the store still. Thankfully whoever the improv group was finished and they asked everyone that was not number 1-50 to leave the store. FINALLY,  I can breathe and move around again. One of the staffers announced that it was time to start the lineup and everyone was super giddy as we watched them pull the books from the tapped off special area. (There was even a sign with a strong warning). It was really exciting and finally they started a countdown.


By 12:04am we had Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in our hands and we were so very happy. It was sort of a whirlwind, but I must say that the Harvard Bookstore did a great job organizing and keeping the line moving. Overall we had a fabulous time together and it was really magical to share this experience with Nicole and Elizabeth. Hopefully the next major Harry Potter related event we attend together will be a screening of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and one day we’ll also actually see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on the stage. That would be truly magic.



We hoped you enjoyed our recap and outing for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Did you attend any of the midnight parties for the release? Have you finished reading it yet? Please remember to #KeepTheSecrets and NO SPOILERS if you decide to leave a comment below. Let’s chat!



The Marauders # 3: Harvard Square Shenanigans…and Cupcakes

TheMaraudersWelcome to The Marauders a monthly feature hosted by three bookish friends: Scales aka Elizabeth from BookYABBER, Pooka aka Marci at The Plot Bunny and Embers aka Nicole from Nicole’s Novel Reads. We seek to share with you, our unique outings, bookish exploits,  and favorite haunts. Together we aspire to always live by our motto:  “Mischief Managed”.

This month on The Marauders we decided to stay local and celebrate the birthday of one of the most bookish people we know – our friend Rachel. Rachel is an avid reader, a writer of books and currently head over heels in summer classes for her grad degree . I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of meeting her while at ALAMW (Nicole and Elizabeth already knew her) and I am so happy that I did. Rachel is the type of person that you meet and instantly already like. She is friendly, outgoing and pretty much should run for President because she can befriend just about anyone. Her knowledge of books is amazing and I have never met anyone that can read as fast as she does (and retains the knowledge). Walking into a bookstore is dangerous when accompanied by Rachel. She will have at least 30 recommendations ready to go, she will read passages from favorite books to you in order to convince you to buy it, and literally put book after book into your basket and tell you that “YOU MUST BUY/READ IT!” Publishers should really consider giving this girl a book deal and some type of marketing job because she is a PRO.

PARK Restaurant and Bar
Top Right/Bottom Right and Bottom left Photo Credit: HarvardSquaree.com

Elizabeth, Nicole and I wanted to get together with Rachel for a belated birthday celebration and so we met up in Cambridge for brunch at PARK restaurant and bar. PARK is a personal favorite haunt of mine. It’s an interesting place, located under a garage, and you feel like you are deep in someone’s wine cellar. The decor is a mix of woods, comfy arms chairs, leather banquettes, and cozy nooks. Towards the back is an area with a faux bookcase and smaller tables and couch-like seating. The bar is centered in the room and goes almost a full 360 all the way around and their cocktails are known to be some of the yummiest drinks you will ever have. My personal favorite is called Lavender Moon, and last time we visited I made sure that both Elizabeth and Nicole tried it too. This time around only Nicole and I ordered them, and Elizabeth and Rachel decided to stick to tea. Their menu is fairly simple but filling and delicious. I ordered the Park Patty melt which was scrumptious, especially the shoestring fries. Elizabeth had crispy french toast while Nicole and Rachel both decided to go with the brisket. Of course, brunch conversation was dominated by chatter about books, thoughts on BEA (even though none of us attended this year…we still all followed the tag and pretended we were there) and upcoming book events. Once our tummies were full, we decided to head to the heart of Harvard Square and visit our first bookstore, Curious George.

Curious George
Top Left Photo Credit: Nicole Remaining Photos Credit: Harvardsquare.com
curious 2
Photo Credit: Nicole

The Curious George bookstore is located right at the center of Harvard Square. It originally opened in 1995 but unfortunately fell on hard times around 2011. Thankfully the store wasn’t destined to disappear and new owners have taken over “the only Curious George store in the world” and have given it new life on April 28th, 2012 (all in attendance at the opening ceremony were given a free banana). Having known the “old” store, the new store was a bit of a change for me. I liked that the old store was jam-packed to the point that you could barely walk around, and I also liked that they kept the basement level for slightly older children. The new store is bright and colorful. It is slightly easier to walk around in and they have organized things nicely. There is an array of stuffed animals, games and books ranging from newborns to some YA. I love the murals on the walls and the little reading areas by the window perfectly sized for wee little ones. Clearly this is no longer just a bookstore, but also a tourist destination as it was packed with people wanting their little piece of the Curious George story to take home with them.


Not really finding anything to buy this time around, we walked over to the Harvard Book Store (I recently just did a whole feature on them for my Independent bookstore day….you can read it here). The great thing about The Harvard Book Store is that it has both new and old books for sale. The new volumes are located on the main floor, and if you had down to the basement you will find a large room filled with books. If you have the time and patience you can find some really great bargains down here. Besides books, the store also has a large selection of bookmarks, pens, journals and a few other bookish items. Their Children’s/Middle Grade/YA area is tiny (though every inch of it is stuffed with books). I especially love the area with their “gift” or “special” volumes….here you will find classics such as Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables, or Jane Austen’s books all with beautiful and ornate covers. It was near this area that Nicole pointed out this tiny box and inside were two Peter Rabbit finger puppets….obviously, I had to buy them…my bunny obsession is quite out of hand.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth

After the Harvard Book Store we wandered over to The Harvard Coop bookstore. It looks and feels very similar to a Barnes and Noble, but they always deny any association. They have a rather large children’s area and a wide selection of YA. Rachel had fun here picking up and posing with all her latest favorites, even her shirt was bookish and makes a perfect point about the trouble with favorite characters dying. The quote on her shirt said “ Eat, Read and Be Merry for tomorrow your favorite characters could be dead”. I feel this way every time I open a George R.R. Martin book, but it applies to so many others…::looks over at The Fault in Our Stars and The Book Thief on my bookshelf and tears up::

Photo credit: Nicole

After we were through exploring all YA section of the Harvard Coop, we decided it was finally time for cupcakes after all this is suppose to be a birthday celebration. Just around the corner from The Curious George store is a quaint little cupcake shop called Sweet. Here you can find an array of tasty treats, from beautiful cupcakes, colorful full-size cakes, and delicious cookies. We all ordered different cupcakes and sat down to chat and relax from all the walking around we did from bookstore to bookstore. This was the perfect ending to yet another bookish day spent in the company of friends and also a great way to celebrate Rachel’s birthday.


Happy Birthday Rachel!


The Marauders #2 : Spellbound in Salem


Welcome to The Marauders a monthly feature hosted by three bookish friends: Scales aka Elizabeth from BookYABBER, Pooka aka Marci at The Plot Bunny and Embers aka Nicole from Nicole’s Novel Reads. We seek to share with you, our unique outings, bookish exploits,  and favorite haunts. Together we aspire to always live by our motto:  “Mischief Managed”.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth


This month’s trip took us to the seaside town of Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is infamously known for the 1692 witch trials where several of its locals were accused and executed for allegedly practicing witchcraft (you can read more about it here ). The witch hysteria was a really dark and tragic time in Salem’s history, but the town has done a complete 180 and almost everywhere you look now you will find it has embraced its “witchy” history. Modern Salem now honors the memory of the innocent men and women that suffered horrible tortures and death at the hands of the fanatical Puritans. We decided to visit Salem because Elizabeth had never really experienced the city since she moved to Massachusetts. Nicole and I are basically locals so we knew that there would be lots of interesting things to look at and explore. We have also been meaning to visit Wicked Books bookstore ever since we attended the Harlequin Halloween Scream book event this past October that they hosted at The Hawthorne Hotel.

Our visit started with a hearty breakfast at Red’s Sandwich shop. From the outside, you wouldn’t think this place was really very large, but it actually has a whole other dining room in the back area towards the bathrooms. The food was filling, and the prices were very reasonable. All the locals eat here, so you know it must be good.

Top Left, Top Right and Bottom Right Photo Credit: Nicole

After eating our fill we decided to just walk around the “touristy” part of Salem, and look around some shops. Since Salem is known for their “witches” you will find lots of places that will feel similar to going shopping for your first day at Hogwarts. One of the most “authentic” places you could go to for your potions supplies and dragon’s blood ink is The Coven’s Cottage. Here you will find a vast array of dried herbs, flowers, parchment, candles and various other items. I bet Professor Snape would come here to stock up his potions supply closet.

Bottom Left Photo Credit : Nicole Right Side Photo Credit: Nicole We would have taken pictures of the inside, but photography was not allowed.

Along this same shopping area, you will find Salem’s independent bookstore Wicked Good Books. This place used to be a completely different bookstore, with books piled high and stacked on top of each other. It was almost impossible to move around in it or to find anything, but it did have lots of “character”. Wicked Good Books still has character but now with better lighting and a very neat and organized setup. Their selection isn’t very large but they do have both new and used titles. The staff is friendly, helpful and they are known to  host book signings and other events often.


After leaving Wicked Good Books (sadly no books bought this time)  walked further down and past Salem’s Peabody Essex Museum. We were about to come upon some more shops. The first was a card, gifts and more “specialized” bookstore called The Marble Faun Books and Gifts store. This place had a very nice and varied selection of Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Alice in Wonderland items as well as teas, journals, quills, fountain pens and Victorian and Steampunk items (even a few corsets). They had a large selection of cards too. The top one in the picture below  for example I could have sworn said DEMENTOR and not DELINEATOR.


marble faun
Photo Credit: Marble Faun website


After the Marble Faun, we visited two of the more Harry Potter inspired stores in Salem. The first of these shops was Remember Salem. Stock full of Harry Potter merchandise this place is a fan’s dream. They even had Butter Beer! After making a few purchases we headed next door to  Wynott’s Wands. Here we felt like we had just walked into Ollivander’s Wands shop. Everywhere we looked had something interesting and unique to see. The wands were really beautifully made and the shop also sold journals and candles too (I purchased a really adorable kitty paperweight- it’s on the bottom left of the picture below). The shop owner was quite an eccentric character and definitely knew her Harry Potter cannon.

IMG_7448 (1)
Photo Credit bottom right (Owl): Nicole

image (2)

FullSizeRender (67)
We started feeling peckish and thirsty after all our shopping  so we started to wander a little further down the road towards Jolie Tea Shop but first, we stopped to explore the outdoor exhibit called Stickwork. It looks like each house was built by human-bird hybrids. Everything was completely made with sticks the artist found. These were pretty large structures and we took several pictures and walked around and through them. I bet they look fairly creepy at night with one lone little light shining through each window.

IMG_7447 (1)


Chilly and definitely hungry by this point we proceeded to walk over to Jolie Tea Shop. This cute little shop is located just across from the Hawthorne Hotel and is absolutely adorable and reminded me of Madam Paddifoot’s tea shop in Harry Potter. They now offer something called a Petit Tea (a scone, a madeleine and a French Macaroon of your choice) along with a pot of tea. They also sell a few other pastries, and they do offer High Tea if you book ahead. Their tea selection is quite large, and I decided on a Chocolate Raspberry infusion that was absolutely delicious. We each ordered a version of the Petit Tea (Elizabeth got an orange Macaroon, I got a chocolate one, and Nicole chose an earl grey flavor). Everything was absolutely lovely and even the restroom was cool with bunny speckled wallpaper.We definitely plan to return again to in the near future.


Feeling a bit adventurous after our yummy treats we decided to head over to a slightly more “dark arts” looking shop called Five Hands. This shop would definitely be found along Knockturn Alley (sorry I can’t help it with the Harry Potter references), right along the lines of Borgin and Burkes. We didn’t stay very long, but we did get an eyeful of everything from a tiny baby casket, a guillotine, vintage doll heads, antique embalming kit, surgical tools and jars with strange substances and items inside them . Both Elizabeth and I wished that not everything had been under glass/lock and key, but that was probably from keeping curious people like us from getting into trouble with things we should not be messing with.

Top Left and Bottom Left Photo Credit: Nicole

Our next stop was The Burying Point and The Salem Witch Trail Memorial (of course these locations are supposedly haunted). The memorial consists of 20 granite benches cantilevered from a low stone wall surrounding an area next to the Old Burying Point. The benches are inscribed with the names of the 14 women and 6 men who were accused of being witches and the means and date of their execution. The Burying Point is the final resting place for a Mayflower Pilgrim, Justice John Hawthorne (an ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne) who was one of the witchcraft court judges and more than 50 slaves are also buried in the southwest corner of Salen’s oldest cemetery in unmarked graves (no wonder the place is haunted).


We were starting to get a little tired and a bit cold so we decided to start heading back to where we had parked our car, but first we warmed up by visiting two comic book shops. The largest of these was Harrison’s Comics.  This place is quite large and has a huge collection of comics, DVDs, posters, toys and all things Pop Culture. I was really tempted to purchase what looked like a vintage Snow White movie poster. There was plenty of other pretties to peak my interest too, especially they StarWars and Doctor Who sections. After spending a little time looking over all the shiny comics we decided it was time to head home. I had a really fun and unintentionally Harry Potter inspired day visiting the town of Salem and hanging out with my fellow Marauders. There is still lots of places there to explore that we didn’t get to this time around, but we’ll just have to make a return again soon.

I hope you enjoyed my recap of The Marauders’ trip to Salem, MA. Make sure to check out Elizabeth and Nicole’s posts too.  

Have you ever been to Salem? Did any of the shops or places we visited spark your interest?  Let us know what you thought of our trip in the  comments below. Let’s Chat!



Madames Scales, Pooka and Embers Are Proud To Present: The Marauders


Welcome to The Marauders a new monthly feature hosted by three best friends: Scales aka Elizabeth from BookYABBER, Pooka aka Marci at The Plot Bunny and Embers aka Nicole from Nicole’s Novel Reads. We seek to share with you, our unique outings, bookish exploits,  and favorite haunts. Together we aspire to always live by our motto:  “Mischief Managed”.

Outing of the Month: Book Hunting & Afternoon Tea

About to leave for a fun filled day of books and tea. Photo Credit: Elizabeth
About to leave for a fun filled day of books and tea. Photo Credit: Elizabeth

1st stop: Park Street Books in Medfield, Massachusetts

Known as the largest children’s bookstore in New England with a minimal of 200,000 books on premises and even more in storage, Park Street Books was definitely a top spot on our list of interesting places we needed to visit ASAP.
Before we even entered the magical realm of books held within the walls of the two-story brick building, we did a little exploring outside to admire the quirky decorations surrounding the store. There was a large gleeful frog statue reading a book, a signpost guiding us in various directions to our favorite far off places such as Hogwarts, Narnia, Wonderland and the 100-acre wood, and by the entrance, a creepy yet lovable panda sitting up high blowing bubbles into the breeze welcomed us inside. As we entered the shop we were greeted by a bright and cheerful array of toys, books and curious little fishes looking out from their aquarium home. The first-floor area houses new books for children, YA readers, and also a variety of board games, stuffed animals, and other small toys. The walls were lined with bookcases that stretched from the floor to ceiling, and there were plenty of kids streaming in and out of the store. Our real exploration didn’t really begin though until we headed up the stairs and past the colorful “under the sea” themed mural. Here on the second floor,  we were beckoned by rooms and rooms filled with books (one even had a fireplace). Each room offered plenty of light, enticing “nooks and crannies” to read in and relaxing couches and cushy chairs just begging to be sat upon and lingered in. The shelves upon shelves of books held lightly used books, as well as some special editions, all priced for just a few bucks. There was even a room set apart that housed adult fiction, memoirs and other miscellaneous books .  The organization is a bit topsy turvy (which I loved) but if you aren’t in a rush and are willing to look around there are no limits to the treasures you might discover.

After peeking around and each finding a few special books to purchase, we headed back downstairs and explored the pottery studio attached to the store. Nicole, Elizabeth and I definitely agree that we will have come back again and paint some cute statues.

The Treasures We Found (all lightly used unless noted):

Nicole– 2 Canadian edition paperbacks of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets of which one was the Magic edition. She also got a UK edition paperback of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

ElizabethRise of the Rebels (Star Wars Rebels Chapter Book #1) by Michael Kogge, The Phantom Menace (Episode 1 novelization) by Terry Brooks and Yellow Submarine by The Beatles and Christopher Gardner.

MyselfThe Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo (new), Spotty (Curious George) by H.A. Rey and Margret Rey, and a lightly used 1st American edition hardcover of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

We probably could have purchased many more books, but we had an afternoon tea reservation at Fancy That! to get to and we also tried really hard to have some self-control. Since their stock changes often and gets updated regularly we intend to return many more times in the near future. If you want to check them out and pay them a visit please follow this link for more information: http://www.parkstreetbooks.com


2nd Stop: Afternoon Tea @ Fancy That Tea Salon

We booked our tea reservation weeks ago and we could hardly wait for the actual day to arrive.

Fancy That! is located on Main Street in Walpole on the border of the beautiful and scenic town of Medfield. Fancy That! is an afternoon tea salon hosted by the dynamic and adorable husband and wife team known as Brad and Sarah. The salon is beautifully decorated with gilded mirrors and pastel colors. It features antique furnishings, delicate teacups, fine tableware, glittering chandeliers and gorgeous linens. Soothing music can be heard playing, probably coming from a vintage victrola somewhere within the premises.

The shop consists of a large sunny main room with lace-curtained windows containing a retail area with various teacups, tea, and tea related items for sale, as well as some seating for tea service.

Photo on Left Credit: Nicole
Photo Credit: Elizabeth

Off this central room, there are two smaller private tea rooms – The Pink Room & The Yellow Room (this is where we were seated). Towards the back of the main entry, there is also a large tea room along with another smaller retail area with various house made cake loafs and delectable treats. Everywhere you look there is something to catch your attention and admiration. If you love the bygone eras of Downtown Abbey, Titanic or Jane Austen…you will LOVE this place.

Tea Time! Photo Credit : Elizabeth

A cozy table perfectly dressed with the cutest mix matched tea cups, plates and silverware awaited us as we entered the Yellow room.  A sparkling pink chandelier bathed us in its rosy glow as we looked over the extensive and whimsical tea menu that had names like “Enchanted Forest”, “Love Affair”, “Royal Wedding”, and “Dragon Jasmine Pearl”.

Bottom Right Photo Credit: Elizabeth

Once we placed out tea order (it was so HARD to choose) a pretty three tiered tea stand with charming mix matched chinaware filled with fanciful treats (ex: pistachio macaroon, scone with dried tart cherries, lemon poppyseed cake) and tempting sandwiches was delivered to our table by the charismatic “The Tea Guy” – Brad, who soon returned with three pink floral teapots each holding different brews of delicious tea concoctions. Both Sarah and Brad were delightful hosts and made sure we absolutely felt welcomed and taken cared off.


We mentioned to Sarah we were curious about their “pink” hot chocolate and if we could purchase a pot to share, and she graciously brought over a pot once we were close to finishing up for us to share. It was yummy, sweet coconutty and very pink.

Upon finishing up our sandwiches and sweets, we got to take a look around the shop to look at all the lovely things they had for purchase. Since we were the last ones still there, we were able to take a peek inside the other private rooms and got a chance to chat with Brad about how Fancy That! started. Brad’s wife Sarah is a huge collector of teacups and other such items, because her collection grew so large they eventually started a vintage china rental service (which they still offer) and are on their 14th year of business. The full afternoon tea service did not commence until about 4 years ago. We are glad that this marvelous place exists, and we hope to return again soon and often. It was a fantastic way to top off our day of book hunting and to spend some quality time with dear friends.

Sitting pretty in the Pink Room

What did you think of our feature? Would you like to see more in the future? Have you ever been to afternoon tea? Do you have a favorite bookstore? Is there a special place you would like to recommend for us to visit?

Leave us your comments below, and let’s chat. Remember to also hop over to Elizabeth’s blog and Nicole’s blog to check out their posts.