Pottermas: Hogwarts Letters Inspired Envelope Tutorial

Welcome to a weekend edition of Pottermas. Today Nicole, Elizabeth and I will be sharing a few crafts we have recently been working on which happen to be inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies. 

The tutorial I will be sharing is on how to make your very own Hogwarts letter envelopes. We made these for Elizabeth’s shower. For a personal touch, we decided to address them based on the guest’s personality and where he or she might enjoy hanging out in the wizarding world. 


Let’s get started. For the Hogwarts letters, you will need the following:

  • Envelopes (I used beige as they already the beginnings of the “hue” we want to make them look “aged”.
  • Tan or Brown colored ink pad. (Quick-drying ink will help you not have to wait for ages for things to dry).
  • Wax (for melting and creating the Hogwarts seal)
  • Hogwarts or Your House seal stamp
  • Emerald green brush pen or marker
  • Paper towel (with some texture) or small sponge
  • Newspaper or kraft paper (to work on so your table won’t get messy)
  • Owl mail inspired stamp or stickers
  • Lighter (to melt wax)

Step 1: Get Inked

Lightly pad paper towel onto the ink pad. Lightly start dabbing the corners of the envelopes and work your way to the center. The outer corners and sides should be a little darker and the center should be fairly light. Use dabbing and sliding motions with the paper towel to create different textures and lighter or darker impressions. (Hint: Start with very light ink, and make it darker as you go along and decided how “aged” you want the letters to be.)

Step 2: Let envelopes fully dry


Step 3: Owl Postage

Using your inked Owl mail stamp (I got mine on Etsy) make a postmark on the top right. If you want you can elaborate with an Owl postal service sticker on the bottom left (I got the image on Etsy and printed them on clear sticky paper).


Step 4: Addressing Your Letters

Address your letters using the emerald ink marker or pen. I was making these for Elizabeth’s baby shower and we decided to use places in the Harry Potter books to address our letters to. We also based our addresses on the guests’ personalities and likes for a special personalized touch.

Step 5: Time to Wax on

Using a lighter I lit up the wax sealer and let drips fall onto the back of the envelope to seal our letters. Nicole was kind enough to loan us her official Hogwarts wax seal stamp to put the finishing touch. While the wax is still hot, slowly press the seal into the wax. Hold for a few seconds and slowly pull off. An impression should be left in place of the seal.

Step 6: Enjoy!

What did you think of my Hogwarts letter inspired envelopes? Have you ever tried crafting something based on the Harry Potter series? I would love to hear all about them. Make sure to follow along with Pottermas by following the hashtag #Pottermas16. Also, don’t forget to visit Nicole at Nicole’s Novel Reads and Elizabeth at BookYabber for other fun crafts.

Happy Crafting!


Pottermas: Harry Potter Inspired Recipe for Vampire Lollipops

Welcome to another segment of Pottermas. On today’s post Nicole, Elizabeth and I will each be sharing our personal favorite recipes inspired by the Harry Potter movies. There are so many delicious treats mentioned throughout the books so it wasn’t hard to find something to fit each of our individual tastes. Make sure to check out Nicole’s post and Elizabeth’s for more yummy treats. The treat I am highlighting are super easy to make and not only incorporate Harry Potter, but also my favorite “monster” vampires. These would be great to make for any Harry Potter inspired parties, or for Halloween too.

Vampire Blood Lollipops

(Recipe Yields about 12 lollipops)

Photo Credit: Lisa at tissuepapers.blogspot.com


Manufactured by: Mr. and Mrs. Flume (actual recipe credit goes to Lisa– www.tissupapers.blogspot.com


Sold at: The “Unusual Tastes” section of Honeydukes in Hogsmeade
These are inspired by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Ron and Hermione discuss whether or not to purchase some for Harry. (Also shown in the movie when Harry snags it away from Neville Longbottom before he takes a lick).

“Ugh, no, Harry won’t want one of those, they’re for vampires, I expect.”—Hermione Granger on the proposal to buy Harry Potter a blood-flavored lollipop.

Blood-flavored lollipops are sold in the “Unusual Tastes” section of Honeydukes in Hogsmeade. They are possibly sold in other wizarding places as well. It is unclear if they are appealing to anyone other than vampires, or perhaps are meant to be used to play a trick on others. (From Fandom Harry Potter Wikia)

Step 1- Gather all ingredients

Ingredients List:

  • 2 cups sugar

  • 2/3 cup light corn syrup

  • red food coloring

  • white lollipops stick – you can find them at your local craft store (like Michael’s or online on Amazon).

Tasty Hint: You can even add flavor oils like peppermint or strawberry if you like.

Step 2 – Melt the Sugar

  • Bring sugar, corn syrup, and 1/4 cup water to a boil in a small (thick sided) saucepan, stirring until all the sugar is dissolved completely.  If you have a candy thermometer it will register 300 degrees to 310 degrees (hard-crack stage), 5 to 7 minutes.

  • While the sugar is boiling lay out your lollipop sticks onto a silicon baking mat.

Helpful Hint: Put baking mat onto a cookie sheet to make it easier to move around and a nice hard level surface. )

Step 3 – The Ice Bath

  • Once you have placed your lollipop sticks down  – Fill a larger pot with ice water. When your sugar mixture is ready – 300 degrees to 310 degrees, immediately set the pan into ice-water bath to stop the cooking (syrup will steam vigorously – be careful of the steam).

  • Let the mixture sit for about 25 seconds.

  • Swirl pan 1 minutes more to cool – it while still be bubbling, that’s OK .

Step 4 – Pour and Add the “Blood”

  • Working very quickly, pour syrup onto the silicon baking sheets, forming circles (2 to 31/2 inches in diameter) and spacing pours about 3 inches apart – then press in lollipop sticks.  (The don’t have to be perfect circles)

    The fun BLOODY part:

  • With the red food coloring – squirt a few drops into each lollipop (I would do one at a time to make it easier to work with), using one of the lollipop sticks drags the stick through some of the food coloring to get the desired look for the “blood”.

Helpful Hint: Add a few more drops to the blood coagulated look. 

Step 5- Let Lollipops Cool

  • Let stand for about 5 – 10 minutes for the sugar to harden completely. 

Step 6 – Enjoy and Share with Friends…or Vampires…

Photo credit: LIsa- Tissuepapers.blogspot


What are some of your favorite treats from the Harry Potter books/movies? Have you ever tried to create a Harry Potter inspired recipe? I would love to hear all about them. Share your comments with me below. Remember to follow along all month long with the #Pottermas16 and to visit Nicole and Elizabeth to see what yummy treats they are sharing the recipe for.