Event Recap- The Blue Bunny Books Middle Grade Discussion and Book Signing


This past Saturday (June 4th, 2016) Elizabeth (dearest bookish bestie and blogger of books at BookYAbber) and I headed off to Dedham, MA on a very bright and somewhat warm afternoon to attend a middle-grade book panel/discussion/signing hosted by The Blue Bunny Books & Toys. The authors in attendance included the following talented ladies:

I was super excited to meet Claire Legrand. We had been recently chatting on Twitter (we both have a lot of love for the show The 100). I also recently finished reading the ARC of Some Kind of Happiness and really needed to have a signed finished copy for my ever growing book collection. I was also curious to experience what The Blue Bunny Books & Toys store was like on inside and out. I clearly have a bunny obsession and I have to say that The Blue Bunny Books & Toys did not disappoint. After having a quick lunch Elizabeth and I arrived at The Blue Bunny around 2:45pm. Just outside the store we were greeted with by a very large blue bunny, and of course we needed to get our picture taken with it.


As we entered the store we were greeted by cheerful employees working the coffee bar right at the front of the store. They make delicious coffees and teas (I tried an ice White Chocolate Coconut coffee late and it was HEAVEN!). There are bookshelves lined up against the walls, and also a few in the middle of the room. Though the store is small, they have a good variety of everything from picture books to YA novels as well as some toys, art prints and stickers (I LOVE stickers). With coffee and tea in hand, we scoped out were the “panel” area was going to be and picked out seats, but just before the event started and the room started filling up we decided to move to the row of chairs behind us (this will be relevant later).

Photo Credit/Source: Blue Bunny Books & Toys

The panel was scheduled for 3pm, but it seemed like a few people were late, and apparently so were Jen and MarcyKate due to traffic. Once everyone arrived the panel got started and the room really filled up. Each author took a turn speaking about what their new books. Claire shared with us that her book was really personal to her because she deals with depression and anxiety and those are also things her 11yr old main character is struggling with in the book. I think this is such an important topic to be bringing up in middle-grade books because there are lots of kids out there that have no outlet for dealing with and getting help for what they are feeling and going through. Hopefully, books like Claire’s will help to bring the very real afflictions young kids are dealing front and center and show to these young readers that they are not alone and that it is okay to ask for help.


After each author talked about their books, they also read one page from their book (chosen by the audience) to give us a taste of their stories. This worked out really well because every page chosen was at a great point in the book and didn’t reveal any major spoilers. Once everyone had a chance to read, the discussion turned to writing and how each author writes and plans out their books. MarcyKate likes the freedom of writing chapters out of order. Jen, Claire, and Dana all like to use outlines and really plan out their stories. When questioned about if they prefer a deadline or not, pretty much everyone agreed that a deadline was best but that taking some time away from writing to think things through or to get inspiration was okay. Jen even confessed that sometimes she watches tv in order to relax and get back in the mood for writing (Dana pointed out that Jen had just given every writer in the room the perfect excuse to get away with watching tv).

The authors also spoke about how long the process of getting published can take, and how many times you have to revise, revise, REVISE! They spoke about how what they thought was going to be their “first” book actually didn’t turn out to be “the book”. It’s really funny how that worked out for all of them since they have all written multiple books but only now do all of them have deals in the works to get their original “brain child” published. Another question that was asked was about where they get their ideas/inspirations from. Jen, Dana, and Claire all seem to agree that using Pinterest to create boards for your character’s likes, dislikes, “what would you buy them for Christmas” etc… such a great writing tip. Claire also creates playlists for her books. Jen gets ideas while bathing and uses AquaNotes (a waterproof pad to use in the shower or while taking a bath). Claire and Dana also suggested using Beat Sheets to keep things going in a flow and chronological. MarcyKate said that sometimes she gets ideas while riding the T (our train system here in Massachusetts). They also enjoy using come kind of online writing space like WattPad, Scrivner, and Save The Cat-Beat Sheets.

I asked a question myself, about if they all wrote stories as children, or what other types of creative outlets did they participate in. Claire said that besides writing, she also played the trumpet and piano. She mentioned that during her teen years she kept a black velvet notebook with roses on it filled with gothy/emo poetry (as did I…lol). MarcyKate also is musically inclined and loves to sing, but has horrible stage fright. She was a strange child (my kind of kid) and wrote a story called “My Last Will and Testament” and another about story about a seal that gets skewered by a narwhal (but it’s more complex than that)…both which sound AWESOME. She mentioned that if a kid wrote something like that these days they might be sent to see the school shrink (I think these should totally be book-shaped stories MarcyKate!). Jen said she wrote for a little bit, but didn’t really pick it up again until an adult (if you don’t count the angsty teen poetry).


Before the discussion came to an end, Claire did a giveaway an ARC copy of her gorgeous novel FOXHEART being released October 4th, 2016. She told everyone to look under their chairs (she placed a post-it under the lucky winner’s chair and it so happened that it was under Elizabeth’s seat (hence why I mentioned we changed out seats, because if we had not…Elizabeth would not have won the ARC…we had been talking about how it was our mission to win it, somehow, some way). YAY! I know Elizabeth is stoked to read it, and hopefully she will lend it to me once she is done. 🙂


Once the discussion ended, we both purchased Some Kind of Happiness. I also purchased Ravenous by MarcyKate, which Elizabeth already owned. We got in line to get our lovelies signed and to officially meet Claire in person. It was so very nice to meet her, she is just the sweetest person…(must be that Texas charm of hers). Of course, we gushed about our love for The 100, how we can’t wait for it to return and how the return date feels like it’s so far away. We talked about the beautiful artwork in FOXHEART and about my love of foxes (and bunnies). I told her how much I enjoyed reading Some Kind of Happiness and even managed to squeeze in a little bit of Neil Gaiman into the conversation. (I so hope Claire gets to meet him one day…I think they would get along ). I hope that Claire comes back to Boston for her FOXHEART tour because I would love to see her again.


It seems like every time we go to an event, Elizabeth and I seem to find cake. Cake magically appears and like moths to the flame…we must get our sweet treats. This time, we found little cupcakes with little flags (with all the different books featured on them). Elizabeth got a cupcake with Ravenous on it, and I got one with Some Kind of Happiness. They were delicious and the perfect way to end our bookish outing. Before heading out, I was able to speak a little with Margie (I believe she is the store manager) and she was kind enough to take a lovely picture of Elizabeth and I with our Some Kind of Happiness books in hand (is that a “Bunny pattern” on my shirt-dress you ask? Why yes it is. I wore it, especially for this trip. I thought it was quite appropriate). Elizabeth and I once again also managed to coordinate our attired without trying…it just happens…like MAGIC. 🙂

Thank you Margie for taking this picture of us!

A big “Thank You” to Blue Bunny Books & Toys for hosting this wonderful event, and for the cupcakes…(I can’t wait to come back for another visit).

Thank you to all the authors for attending, for sharing all your wonderful stories and writing tips with us, it was truly inspiring and made me want to run home and start writing. A special thank you to Elizabeth for going with me and sharing yet another bookish adventure together. I can’t wait until our next one.


(Belated) Event Recap- Indie Bookstore Day April 30th, 2016

Indie Bookstore day took place on April 30th a delightful day where readers and fellow book lovers were encouraged to flock over to their favorite indie bookstores and support them by buying as many books and bookish items as you could afford or carry.

I met up with my friends Nicole and Rachel early that sunny morning and we started our day by heading over to The Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, MA which used to be a former haunt of mine before I moved to the suburbs. The Harvard Book Store had all sorts of fun activities and promos throughout the day which included treats and coffee, a “shelfie-selfie” station and even an after hours “books in the dark” event which unfortunately we couldn’t stick around for. Before we even crossed their entryway we were greeted with a large banner just outside the store with the question “Why Do You Love Your Local Bookstore?”. There were markers attached to the poster so that anyone who passed by could make a comment and express their bookish love (of course we had to leave our own ).


We missed the coffee, but we did find all sorts of pretties upon their bookshelves. Of course we headed right to the “exclusive” independent bookstore day display and I picked up a 2 copies of the Neil Gaiman coloring book (one was for Elizabeth who unfortunately could not meet up with us), as well as Kate DiCamillo’s latest MG novel Raymie Nightingale (which was numbered and signed exclusively for this event). We then moved on down to the YA area and scoped out all our favorite new releases, including The Raven King, The Rose and The Dagger, etc…. 

FullSizeRender (54)

FullSizeRender (47)

FullSizeRender (49)

Though tight and a bit small, their Children’s area is packed with tons of different books. Also lovely to see that there is lots of diversity represented in these books. I spotted my new favorite yet heartbreaking Middle-Grade book Pax by Sara Pennypacker amongst the small and crowded table of new releases.

FullSizeRender (51)

At the Harvard Bookstore, they also had this really quirky bookshelf filled with “Blind Date” books, which were wrapped in craft paper and only had quotes or a few sentences about what they were. In my usual “silly/weird” fashion I decided to jokingly ask Rachel to go on a “blind book date”  and Nicole snapped this great picture of us. The look on Rachel’s face was priceless.

FullSizeRender (53)

The bookmark/random bookish items wall was such a temptation. I did snag a really cute fox bookmark, but I also really wanted all the cute bookish ornaments but I didn’t get any this time around. The Alice in Wonderland and the mini Dracula ornaments were my favorite.

FullSizeRender (48)

Before we made our final purchases and headed off to the next indie bookstore, we wandered downstairs to where they sell used books. The prices low and there are such bargains to be found here! I managed to snag a signed children’s picture book titled A Fine Dessert by Emily Jenkins. I mentioned that I really wanted to start reading more contemporary YA novels and Rachel recommended and basically stuffed into my basket a novel by Lauren Oliver titled Before I Fall


Upon finalizing our purchases we went back upstairs, paid up and decided to grab some delicious fries at Clover before heading to our next indie bookstore stop. Nicole had to leave us at this point, so it was now just Rachel and I heading to Brookline Booksmith to continue our book buying adventure. One of the best parts once we arrived there was watching Rachel pull about 8 different books off the shelf and state that she absolutely had to have them all (I love this girl…she cracks me up). She also took all the copies of If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo and hugged them.  I managed to limit myself to only one book purchase titled Grim (a tome of several short stories based on fairy tales with a dark twist). I would have probably bought more books (especially because they also have a used books area in their basement) but I had to depart early due to my other plans for that day.

FullSizeRender (55)

Overall I was so glad I went out and participated in Independent bookstore Day. I really love having these local bookstores where I can feel “cozy” and at home in. These stores need our support in order to stay “afloat” and keep bringing us book events, author signings, and other fun activities. I hope you will consider participating in Independent Bookstore day next year, and that you will start/continue your patronage all year round too. 

Tell me about your favorite independent bookstores. What is the thing you most like about your indie bookstore? Are they small or large? Do you have more than one indie bookstore in your town/city? Which would you recommend to someone visiting your area? Let’s chat!