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Today on The Plot Bunny, I would like to welcome a very special guest – author of Follow Me Back – A.V. Geiger! In our interview she will be discussing her favorite authors, book boyfriend, writing advice and little tidbits that helped to inspire Follow Me Back. Check out the interview below and make sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post.



Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger

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Publication Date: June 6th, 2017

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Tessa Hart’s world feels very small. Confined to her bedroom with agoraphobia, her one escape is the online fandom for pop sensation Eric Thorn. When he tweets to his fans, it’s like his speaking directly to her…

Eric Thorn is frightened by his obsessive fans. They take their devotion way too far. It doesn’t help that his PR team keeps posting to encourage their fantasies.

When a fellow pop star is murdered at the hands of a fan, Eric knows he has to do something to shatter his online image fast―like take down one of his top Twitter followers. But Eric’s plan to troll @TessaHeartsEric unexpectedly evolves into an online relationship deeper than either could have imagined. And when the two arrange to meet IRL, what should have made for the world’s best episode of Catfish takes a deadly turn…

Told through tweets, direct messages, and police transcripts, this thriller for the online generation will keep you guessing right up to the shocking end.



  1. Who are some of your favorite authors and how did their books influence you?

“As a young teen, I read a ton of contemporary romantic suspense. I grew up on mass market paperbacks from authors like Mary Higgins Clark and Linda Howard. I developed more of a taste for gothic fiction as I got older. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier are two of my all-time favorites. Those books probably taught me a thing or two about how to weave together romantic elements with psychological suspense. “

  1. I know you draw on your own experiences with social media and online fan culture, is that what inspired this book? If not, what did?

“Yes! I was active in a music fandom when I first conceptualized the book. Most of the fan tweets in Follow Me Back were inspired by real things I witnessed as I scrolled through my Twitter timeline. Back then, my account handle was not my real name, and people knew me only by the nickname Viv. My profile picture changed from week to week, but it was never my face – usually an album cover or the face a certain lead singer. Online fandom is full of accounts like that, hiding their true selves behind images of celebrities. That element of concealed identity served as a major source of inspiration when I was plotting Follow Me Back.”

  1. What has been some of the best fan interactions you have had, and have there ever been any negative or scary ones?

“Nothing scary. I’m lucky to have an incredibly supportive group of fans from Wattpad. The first draft of Follow Me Back is still posted online there with new readers discovering it every day, and they crack me up with the notes they leave there – over 90,000 comments accumulated so far! It’s like a never-ending party in my book, where I can drop in and interact with readers anytime.

They like hearing back from me, but I’ve found that readers love it even more when they hear from the book’s characters. I created real Twitter accounts, @TessaHeartsEric and @EricThornSucks, and I have so much fun tweeting in their voices. The reactions from fans are priceless. Sometimes readers ask Tessa for online relationship advice… but the best is when they fangirl over Eric as if he’s a real pop star!”

  1. Do you have an author crush? If not, do you have an ultimate “book boyfriend/girlfriend”?

“My book boyfriend, always and forever, is Jamie Fraser from the Highlander series. He’s the perfect combination of sensitive and tough. Plus, he wears a kilt.”

  1. Do you have specific writing habits/rituals? What advice do you have for writers just starting out (young and older)?

“My advice to new writers: make a schedule and stick to it. Writing is a muscle that you have to develop and keep in shape, so treat it like a workout routine. Set deadlines for yourself that feel manageable but a bit of a stretch. 

In my case, I post all my first drafts online, following a rigid weekly schedule. My Wattpad followers know when new chapters are due, and they yell at me if I leave them hanging. This gives me the pressure to keep going and complete books, even when I hit those sticky middle chapters that don’t flow as effortlessly as I might like. Follow Me Back was the sixth book I completed using this method. Without that weekly schedule, I would never have produced that kind of output.”

  1. Have you ever been a SUPER fangirl? What is the strangest or “craziest” fangirl moment you have been a part of?

“Trust me, I understand the psychology of intense fandom because I lived it. The high point of my fangirl career came a couple years ago, when I scored a general admission floor ticket for a concert at Madison Square Garden. I went by myself, figuring I would have more in common with the other superfans in the pit than any of my real-life friends.

I researched ahead of time how early to arrive and the best place to stand. I waited in line for hours and scored a spot along the railing, where I could reach out and touch the runway. Then, when the show began, I made a paper airplane and slipped it onto the stage. Halfway through the set, my celebrity crush picked it up and tried to throw it back into the crowd. The plane did a U-turn and flew in his face, making him (and the whole arena) laugh out loud… and I have the whole incident documented in cellphone videos.  Fangirl life complete!”



 A.V. Geiger is a popular online author and member of the elite Wattpad Stars program. Her original teen fiction has received millions of hits on Wattpad, the story-sharing website, and was ranked #1 in the Mystery/Thriller genre. Her writing career began with celebrity fanfiction, and her work draws extensively on her own experiences with fan culture and social media. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and twin boys.

Author Links: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

I would like to thank A.V.Geiger for graciously answering all my questions, as well as Sourcebooks for letting me join in the fun and be part of the Follow Me Back tour. 



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Book Review: Don’t Get Caught by Kurt Dinan

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Don’t Get Caught by Kurt DinanDon't Get Caught by Kurt Dinan
Published by Sourcebooks on April 1st 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Young Adult
Pages: 340

10:00 tonight at the water tower. Tell no one. -Chaos Club
When Max receives a mysterious invite from the untraceable, epic prank-pulling Chaos Club, he has to ask: why him? After all, he's Mr. 2.5 GPA, Mr. No Social Life. He's Just Max. And his favorite heist movies have taught him this situation calls for Rule #4: Be suspicious. But it's also his one shot to leave Just Max in the dust...
Yeah, not so much. Max and four fellow students-who also received invites-are standing on the newly defaced water tower when campus security "catches" them. Definitely a setup. And this time, Max has had enough. It's time for Rule #7: Always get payback.
Let the prank war begin.

Don’t Get Caught was really FUN to read. I wasn’t even two pages in and I was already laughing out loud. I found myself constantly smiling as the misfits of this story banded together and went on their journey. I have always been a fan of a good heist movie and I have done a few minor pranks of my own so I can definitely appreciate the mischief in this book. It seems to me that the author has a fabulous sense of humor and really enjoyed writing this book. Kurt Dinan not only writes an entertaining and fast-paced story, but he also writes a story with great life lessons about personal values, ethics, justice and friendship without being overly preachy, or sounding too philosophical.

Don’t Get Caught is described as Ocean’s 11 meets The Breakfast Club and I think in this case it really is a great comparison. The story is full of pranks, hilarity, terrible ideas, good ideas, rivalries, friendships and even some cows…you I said cows. The author is able to give all his characters authentic voices which help the reader connect with them. The book’s group of misfits include Max, Ellie, Dave, Kate and Tim. Of these five I must say I loved Max the best. I liked Max from the very first page. He is funny, snarky and frank. I liked his obsession with heist movies. I would have liked to have known a kid like him back when I was in high school, we could have been great friends. Dinan  got all the characters spot on from the teens to the adults and I loved that he took the time to develop them properly. I loved how much his band of misfits learned about themselves and “grew” as the book went progressed. 

The Chaos Club is a secretive group that has been traditionally producing a series of pranks throughout the school year after year. No one knows who they are and none of their members have ever been caught. Our five misfits (who all have nothing in common with one another) receive invites from the Chaos Club to meet under the water tower. They think they are getting initiated into The Chaos Club but instead find themselves to be the victims of their prank. This bands them together and together they decide to seek revenge and beat the Chaos Club at its own game and the war of the pranks commence.

One of my favorite things about the book (besides the elaborate and hilarious pranks) was how the author input the heist rules into the story.

Heist Rule #1: Don’t get caught

Heist Rule #2: Be cool

Heist Rule #3: If questioned, be evasive

Heist Rule #4: Be suspicious

Heist Rule #5: When in doubt, run

Heist Rule #6: Be observant

Heist Rule #7: Always get payback

Heist Rule #8: Recruit a strong crew

Heist Rule #9: Know your enemy

Heist Rule #10: Trust your crew

I highly recommend Don’t Get Caught to anyone who wants a hysterically funny and fun-filled read. I think this book would be appealing to both girls and boys (especially the reluctant reader who thinks books are dull). The story is well written, with many twists and turns, fantastic pranks, a bit of cussing, and some really awesome characters that just pull you right in. Run to the store and get yourself a copy, it will not disappoint. I am already looking forward to a potential sequel. 

Thank you Netgalley and Sourcebooks for providing me with an E-ARC of Don’t Get Caught by Kurt Dinan. It was a fantastic book, and  I enjoyed it thoroughly.