My preferred format is a physical book (love the feel of the pages in my hands and that “book scent”, but I also accept E-books. I accept ARCS, galleys, finished copies, digital copies, or audiobooks.



I am currently accepting books within the following genres: YA, Fantasy, Fairy tales, Contemporary, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction and Horror/Thriller/Mystery. I am also accepting Middle Grade & Children’s picture books.



If you request a review, please expect an honest review and rating.

I accept review requests from published authors, all publishers.

I am sorry, but at this time I am not accepting requests from self-published authors.

Please include the following when submitting your request: Book Title, Author, Synopsis, and a web link to either Goodreads, author’s website, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I will try to read and review the book previous to publication. I will post all reviews within 1 month of publication wherever possible, or during publication week.

To submit a request, please email me at Marcilia@ThePlotBunny.com


Where I Publish Reviews: 

Currently, my reviews are being posted on this blog, and on Goodreads, and Edelweiss. I will also publish on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.  If I receive an ebook via NetGalley I will also submit a review through their website.


All book synopsis and  book cover art are taken from goodreads.com.  All books sources will be stated in each book review whether it be purchased, obtained through a giveaway, library, etc. Any images used that are not my own will have a source listed below the image.

My Rating: 

My ratings are based on the Goodreads.com ratings:

5 Stars – I LOVED it. I will probably own it in various formats of this book, and will treasure it forever.

4 Stars – Really liked it, it was a lovely book and I will tell all my friends and family to go read it.

3 Stars – It was a good book, it entertained me.

2 Stars – It was OK. I can see that there are some good merits to the story and writing.

1 Star – Sorry, just not for me.