Happy New Year! First Book of the Year 2015


Happy New Year ! Very excited to participate for the first time in  The First Book of the Year Challenge done by Sheila from Book Journey. I’m starting 2015 with my NetGalley ARC of The Magician’s Lie by Greer Macallister. I am really excited about this book, and something in my bones tells me I am just going to LOVE this story. Of course I will be posting my review of it once I have finished, though I do want to linger on this one a bit, and enjoy it to the fullest.

1st read

There’s nothing like surrounding myself with a book filled with mystery, magic and setback in an era full of pretty dresses to put me in the best of moods.  Now that the holidays are over, and I am back to work I actually find it easier to have time to read. Usually I read on the bus, during my break and whenever there is some free time at night. This past Saturday was the first time in a very long period that i just laid down on my sofa, wrapped with three blankets and read nonstop for over three hours. It was absolutely LOVELY and I decided that my New Year’s book resolution is to  strive to make more time on the weekends to read with abandon more often. I felt slightly guilty because I wasn’t really present on the blog, or read much between Christmas and New Year’s Day, but with all the family and activities it was hard to log in, plus the internet at the house was being awful.

I do hope you all had very merry holidays and wish you all


I would love to know if you all have any book resolutions?

What was your first read of 2015?

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