Books to Celebrate Disney’s Beauty and The Beast (live Action) Movie

Today is the day! Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (Live Action) is finally releasing in the theaters today, and I am so excited to see it. Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite fairy tale ever since I was a little girl, and I absolutely LOVED the Disney animated movie.

To me, there is no more perfect Beauty then Belle. Not only is she lovely, imaginative, kind, and independent but she also adores to read. Let’s not forget to mention she’s feisty too, with a thing for “breaking the rules, going against what society expects of her and never wanting to settle or give up on what she believes in. Sounds like the perfect heroine right? Plus…she has the best dresses too! So in honor of my obsession with all things Beauty and the Beast, I decided to make a list of all the amazing books recently released that are related to this “tale as old as time”. If you are a fan of the book and movies, you will NEED to add every single one to your own castle’s library.


Books I Own, or Soon Will Be Adding To My Castle’s Collection…



The Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle-Suzanna Barbot de Villenueve

This book looks absolutely stunning! It is super colorful, and even has a few interactive 3-D pages too.



Beauty and the Beast by Ursula Jones and illustrated by Sarah Gibb

I LOVE this book. It has been in my collection for just over a year, and I still am in awe every time I look through it. The artwork is gorgeous.



Tale As Old As Time: The Art and Making of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast by Charles Soloman

I adore this book for many reasons. The first reason being that it is one of the first gifts my husband gave to me when we first started dating.  My other main reason is because this book is filled with information about the making of the animated movie. We learn all about how the animated movie came together (the new version also has information about the upcoming live action movie).


Beauty and the Beast by Jan Brett

Jan Brett is one of my favorite authors/illustrators; I remember this to be one of my first books I ever read by Jan Brett. The illustrations are lovely and so full of details.


Beauty and the Beast (Calla Editions) by Hon. Eleanor Vere Boyle

A beautifully designed edition, with one of the earliest adaptations I ever remember reading.


Beauty and the Beast ( The Barnes and Noble leather-bound edition)  

Recently added to my collection the book is filled with many fairy tales that includes the featured title. Though I now own it, I have not yet had the time to go through all the stories in this edition, but I am going to assume it is because they all feature “Beauties” and “ Beasts” .


Beauty and the Beast by Agnese Baruzzi

I just ordered this book from Target and I can’t wait to see what it will be like. So far, I’ve gathered that the illustrations are done in the style of “paper cutting” to make silhouettes…(More on this later).



RETELLINGS (I haven’t read these yet, but they all sound pretty awesome)


Beast by Brie Spangler


As Old As Time by Liz Braswell


Beast Charming by Jenniffer Wardell


Beauty and the Beast: Lost in A Book

by Jennifer Donnelly (Thank you #otspsecretsister for

sending me this one as a gift!)


Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge


Directly Related to the New Live Action Movie


Beauty and the Beast– A Novalization by Elizabeth Rudnick


Art of Coloring: Beauty and the Beast by Disney Book Group


Beauty and the Beast – Belle’s Library: A collection of quotes and musings by Brittany Rubiano

This adorable little book looks too cute to pass up. I don’t know much about it, except that it is a book filled with literary quotes and musings.


Beauty and the Beast : The Enchanment by Eric Geron


Are you excited for the upcoming  live action version of the animated movie?  Do you have a favorite character? Do you have a favorite book edition of the fairy tale? Are you an avid Beauty and the Beast fan/collector like myself? Tell me all about it in the comments below.


Happy 1st Birthday Plot Bunny! Blogiversary Giveaway!

The Plot Bunny is turning 1 this month, and I can’t believe how fast this part year has gone. I have read so many glorious books this year. I even expanded my reading from mainly just fantasy to also contemporary books. This is probably one of the best decisions I made this past year. It brought so many wonderful new stories into my life, and books I now LOVE with all my being. Seriously, how did it take me this long to start reading Contemporary YA?

Throughout this year I have met some amazing people and have had the honor and pleasure of spending time with some lovely bookish people. Asides from the books, what I treasure most from this year of solo blogging on my own will be the new friendships I have made, both in real life and online be it here on the Plot Bunny, on my Twitter or over on Instagram. I can’t tell you all enough how lucky I am to have you all in my life.

In celebration of this very special occasion, I am doing my first ever giveaway (because who doesn’t love presents?). I will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card, and a little special surprise. All you have to do to enter is follow me (@MarciliaLoubach) on Twitter and Retweet about the giveaway. The giveaway will run until Feb 28th at midnight and is for US only.

Again, thank you for following The Plot Bunny, for reading, commenting, chatting and make my world a better place by being a part of it. I hope you will all continue to share my love of books and bookish things.  HUGS!!!! ~Marci


Catching Up: Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! I feel as if I haven’t checked in for a while now, and I wanted to take this opportunity to do so. 2016 was quite the year, and I am so grateful for all of you who have been reading, commenting and following. I wouldn’t be here without all your support and kind words throughout the year.

Though 2016 was a brutal year for pretty much everyone, I am glad that at least I had many amazing books to keep me entertained. My goal of reading at least 60 books this past year was a success, and I am planning on going for 80 books in 2017. Speaking of goals, I am also hoping that now that The Plot Bunny is turning 1 (in February), I am settled down enough to try a few new things. Here are a few things I am excited to incorporate into the blog for in 2017 and some blogging resolutions too:


    • More Reviews
    • A New Feature completely dedicated to Childrens’ Books/Events (Monthly or bi-weekly)
    • Books & Baking (I love books and I love to bake so it seemed like a natural merging)
    • Trying to actually keep up with Monthly Wrap-ups…or at least bi/tri-monthly ones.
    • Bookish Photos ( I already have a few on my Instagram accounts. Follow me @MarciliaLoubach and @ThePlotBunnyBlog)


Let’s Chat Books – In 2016 I read some really fantastic books and I need to give some of my favorites a shot out because they touched my soul. Here is my list of the top 6 books I read in 2016:


My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows (Review Here)


Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco (Review Here)


The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder (Review Here)


Phantom Limbs by Paula Garner (Review Here)


The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis (Review Here)


Pax by Sara Pennypacker (Review Here)


Bookish Outings – There were some pretty amazing and fun events that I went to in 2016 too. Though I did not recap them all (something I am working on improving in 2017), but I feel like between the blog, Twitter, and Instagram I tried to capture much of the bookish shenanigans as possible. Here are my favorites:


  • Attending ALA MidWinter in Boston with Nicole and Elizabeth


  • Independent Book Day in Harvard Square with Nicole and Rachel

    • Meeting Claire Legrand at The Blue Bunny Bookstore for their Middle Grade Panel with Elizabeth

    • Midnight Release Party for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child with Elizabeth and Nicole

    • The Marauders tea time outing with Nicole and Elizabeth


All of these events were awesome to attend and participate in, but the best part was having bookish best friends to hang out with and meeting new bookish people too. Hopefully, 2017 will bring even more opportunities to attend book signings, events, and festivals. I know for sure that I will definitely be in NYC this upcoming June for BEA…I mean BookExpo. Yoohoo!!!


Books for the New Year – There are some incredible books coming out in the new year, and I can’t wait to read them all. Here is what I have on my top 10 list for 2017 MUST READS.


Caraval by Stephanie Garber – So I already read the ARC, but I am so looking forward to the finished copy, but I pre-ordered it so it will be signed. ::Squeeee!::


Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco


Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley


Garden of Blood and Dust by K. K. Pérez


Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust


A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi


Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popović


Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor


Hunted by Meagan Spooner


The Black Witch by Laurie Forest


Here is to 2017 being the best bookish year yet! I hope you will be able to read all of the books you are anticipating. Make sure to come back and check out my latest review, and please say hello and introduce yourself in the comments below. I always love to hear about what others are reading and love bookish recommendations. Or why not share with me some of your own bookish/blog resolutions? Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


Pottermas: Hogwarts Letters Inspired Envelope Tutorial

Welcome to a weekend edition of Pottermas. Today Nicole, Elizabeth and I will be sharing a few crafts we have recently been working on which happen to be inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies. 

The tutorial I will be sharing is on how to make your very own Hogwarts letter envelopes. We made these for Elizabeth’s shower. For a personal touch, we decided to address them based on the guest’s personality and where he or she might enjoy hanging out in the wizarding world. 


Let’s get started. For the Hogwarts letters, you will need the following:

  • Envelopes (I used beige as they already the beginnings of the “hue” we want to make them look “aged”.
  • Tan or Brown colored ink pad. (Quick-drying ink will help you not have to wait for ages for things to dry).
  • Wax (for melting and creating the Hogwarts seal)
  • Hogwarts or Your House seal stamp
  • Emerald green brush pen or marker
  • Paper towel (with some texture) or small sponge
  • Newspaper or kraft paper (to work on so your table won’t get messy)
  • Owl mail inspired stamp or stickers
  • Lighter (to melt wax)

Step 1: Get Inked

Lightly pad paper towel onto the ink pad. Lightly start dabbing the corners of the envelopes and work your way to the center. The outer corners and sides should be a little darker and the center should be fairly light. Use dabbing and sliding motions with the paper towel to create different textures and lighter or darker impressions. (Hint: Start with very light ink, and make it darker as you go along and decided how “aged” you want the letters to be.)

Step 2: Let envelopes fully dry


Step 3: Owl Postage

Using your inked Owl mail stamp (I got mine on Etsy) make a postmark on the top right. If you want you can elaborate with an Owl postal service sticker on the bottom left (I got the image on Etsy and printed them on clear sticky paper).


Step 4: Addressing Your Letters

Address your letters using the emerald ink marker or pen. I was making these for Elizabeth’s baby shower and we decided to use places in the Harry Potter books to address our letters to. We also based our addresses on the guests’ personalities and likes for a special personalized touch.

Step 5: Time to Wax on

Using a lighter I lit up the wax sealer and let drips fall onto the back of the envelope to seal our letters. Nicole was kind enough to loan us her official Hogwarts wax seal stamp to put the finishing touch. While the wax is still hot, slowly press the seal into the wax. Hold for a few seconds and slowly pull off. An impression should be left in place of the seal.

Step 6: Enjoy!

What did you think of my Hogwarts letter inspired envelopes? Have you ever tried crafting something based on the Harry Potter series? I would love to hear all about them. Make sure to follow along with Pottermas by following the hashtag #Pottermas16. Also, don’t forget to visit Nicole at Nicole’s Novel Reads and Elizabeth at BookYabber for other fun crafts.

Happy Crafting!


Pottermas: Harry Potter Funko Pop Photoshoot!!!

This past weekend Nicole (Nicole’s Novel Reads), Elizabeth (BookYAbber) and I celebrated our “Friendmas”. It was also a day full of crafting to help Elizabeth get a few things finished for her Harry Potter themed baby shower. Since we were working on finishing up potion bottles for the centerpieces, we decided to also do a Harry Potter Funko Pop photo shoot for this Pottermas post. 

Too much sun….back to the dungeon we go!! (photo credit: Nicole)


We each also knew that the collection would be growing as we all got each other some new Pops from the latest new wave. If you are new to Pottermas 2016, you can check out my introduction here. Also be sure to follow along with us by using the hashtag #Pottermas16 and also #PottermasPops.

Cutest Nibbler EVER!

I arrived at Elizabeth’s just a few minutes before Nicole did. Once we settled in for the day we decided to start with our gift exchange. Nicole received A Nibbler (SO CUTE) from Elizabeth and Yule Ball Ron and Hermione from myself. Elizabeth received the Weasley twins from Nicole and I. They are ADORABLE, and just look super mischievous. As for myself, Nicole gifted me Bellatrix Lestrange and Elizabeth gifted me Draco Malfoy. Between all the new Pops gifted and the ones we each brought for the shoot, we had quite the collection.

Being a child at heart, I could not help but be extra silly with all the Pops….especially my Voldy and Bellatrix. At one point I made a fun little video of my favorite little death eaters and the dementor looming over the other Pops. You can see it here on Instagram. Nicole and Elizabeth had to try ever so hard not to burst out laughing at my random singing and weirdness. 

My Favorite Little Death Eaters and Dementor….

We did not plan too many scenes for the day, as we had lots of crafting to accomplish. However, we did manage to get a few shots of Snape’s Potion class along with the potion bottles we created to use during Elizabeth’s shower.

Snape’s Potion class….and yes…that’s our background of Hogwarts Castle.

Later on, once all the crafting was done and it was time to get ready to go home we took a big group shot of all the Pops together. Nicole and I still have a few at home that were not present. Overall, we had a really fun day filled with laughter, Harry Potter mischief and best of all, awesome friends.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and be sure to check back because the new year will definitely be filled with more adventures and Harry Potter Funko Pops photoshoots.